March 5, 2019 - 8:30 am


Budgets are one of the most important policy instruments of our government. They are document that reflect our values and priorities through decisions on how to tax residents and businesses and spend these collective resources. These decisions impact what families have to spend on basic needs and invest in their future, define the size of the federal government and its role in the national economy, and affect the lives of all Americans.

In this session, we will view a livestream from Washington, DC, where Robert Greenstein, of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, will provide an overview on the key provisions in the federal budget, discuss current and upcoming budget debates, and offer insights on the potential impact on struggling families, workers and communities.

Then we will hear from local experts on both state and federal budget issues affecting Rhode Island communities, as well as the budgetary challenges and opportunities presented by Census 2020.

Local experts will include Rachel Flum, Economic Policy Institute and Emily Eelman, RI Executive Office of Health and Human Services.

The livestream is presented in partnership with Economic Opportunity Funders and Funders for a Just Economy.