February 13, 2019 - 2:00 pm

Everyone knows communication is the foundation of any relationship; but in the corporate grantmaking context, not every foundation properly communicates its relationship to its sponsoring company. Corporate foundations must maintain separate identities and cannot operate for a substantial non-charitable purpose of the company.

No promises.
No demands.
Philanthropy is a Battlefield.

The Council’s legal team requests the pleasure of your company to attend this pre-Valentine’s Day “Lunch with Legal Counsel.” Attorney Bryan Del Rosario will discuss the prohibitions on engaging in self-dealing. In particular, Bryan will tackle issues such as who gets the credit (company or foundation) when a gift is made; decisions regarding use of a foundation’s resources, whether a foundation must not advertise or promote the goods or services of its corporate sponsor, and much more.

Hosted by Council on Foundations.  Fee $59.

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