July 26, 2017 - 1:00 pm

This session will look at current trends in philanthropy and society, and discuss ways philanthropic families may need to adapt their strategies for governance, family engagement, and giving vehicles. The event features Tony Macklin, CAP®, a chartered advisor in philanthropy who has led a national family foundation and has experience working with donors within a community foundation.  Hosted by Indiana Philanthropy Alliance.  Fee:  $50

Speaker:  Tony Macklin, chartered advisor in philanthropy.  A Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®, Tony consults with donor families, grantmakers, and their advisors about purpose, use of resources, action planning, and learning. He is also managing the National Center for Family Philanthropy’s “Community Foundations Family Philanthropy Network.” He previously served as executive director of the Roy A. Hunt Foundation, a multi-generation family foundation. He facilitated changes in visioning, impact investing, grantmaking, trustee education, and back-office management for the family. In twelve years at the Central Indiana Community Foundation, he led grantmaking initiatives, advised generous entrepreneurs and families, attracted $39 million in assets and co-investments, and launched a social enterprise. He currently serves as a senior advisor to the Impact Finance Center, peer reviewer for The Foundation Review, and trustee of Awesome Boulder.