April 1, 2020 - 12:00 pm

 Sponsored by Asset Funders Network

In today’s crisis, community health workers are the new frontline against COVID-19, while community-based programs continue to support financial and housing stability for vulnerable families.

Cross-sector collaboration is more important than ever for equitable outcomes amidst the crisis and over the long term.

What does it take to evaluate health outcomes across a range of community-based programs that include neighborhood and housing improvement initiatives, youth services, housing-based services focused on well-being, and resource coordination from community health workers?

How can standardized measurement practices help us advance health equity, advocate for cross-sector partnerships, and improve health outcomes for neighborhood residents?

Join us for AFN’s spring Expert Insights briefing on what it takes to measure health outcomes in ways that address health inequities and resonate with the health care sector.

Hear from report co-authors to inform your investment strategies for advancing health equity.

This insightful, high-level briefing will address these questions and provide you with:

  • A framework to connect community-based work and individual health outcomes, advocate for cross-sector partnerships, and improve health outcomes for residents.
  • A call to action for cross-sector partners to find scalable solutions to the complex community challenges that are the root causes of many of the health disparities we see today.

To learn more about the new report and presentation, click here.