Upcoming Nonprofit Opportunities

Help Design a New Nonprofit Resource Center

Public Input Session on Needs and Opportunities — May 24, at 8:30am.  Please register here.

The second phase, starting at the end of May, will be focused on envisioning strategies and offerings that can address some of the needs articulated in the first phase, as well as opportunities to address some of the structural inequities in the sector.  

There will be five public visioning sessions — all the sessions will be structured similarly, so you can choose the one that best fits your schedule. 

Here are the dates of the visioning sessions.  Click to register on the session you prefer: 

The visioning phase will conclude with a public Input Session in July (date TBD). 

External Events and Professional Development Opportunities

Getting Started with Zoom Rooms
May 9, 6:00pm

2022 Massachusetts Conference on Volunteerism
May 10
Fee: $160

Leveling the Playing Field:  Interrupting Patterns of Power and Privilege — The Series on Racial Equity and Inclusion
May 10, 9:00am
Enterprise Bank

Outcomes Thinking and Management: Shifting Focus from Activities to Impact
May 10, 1:00pm
Fee: $49 through April 30

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Series: Creating a Culture of Belonging and Psychological Safety
May 10, 1:00pm
Support Center

Conflict De-Escalation Training (Bystander Intervention 2.0)
May 16
Right To Be

Project Management Skills for Managers, Supervisors and Project Leaders
May 12, 10:00am
Support Center

Mindfulness to Heal Ourselves and the World: A Session on Meditation and Social Change
May 17, noon
Institute for Nonprofit Practice

Nonprofit Organizations and Ballot Measure Campaigns
May 23, 2:00pm
Bolder Advocacy
Fee: $45

Advanced Proposal Writing
May 24, 10:00am
Philanthropy Massachusetts
Fee: $60

Nurturing Safe Safe: Ensuring Employee Retention
May 26, 11:00am
Nonprofit Learning Lab

Community Call: Evolve Benton
May 26, 3:00pm
Rockwood Leadership Institute

Give a Great Presentation Even If You Are Nervous:  Getting Comfortable with Public Speaking
June 6, 12:00pm
Nonprofit Learning Lab

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Series: Defining and Developing Success
June 7, 1:00pm
Support Center

Fundraising Academy: Cause Selling Fundamentals
Tuesdays virtual cohort program beginning June 7
Fee: $425 before May 30

Everything Fundraising…And the Kitchen Sink!
June 8, 6:30pm
Johnson Center for Philanthropy
Fee: $60

Power of Place Summit:  Rhody Reset — Critical Steps for Our Places and People in a Post COVID Era
June 21
Grow Smart RI

Credit Building Symposium
June 22-24
Washington, DC

How to Cultivate Meaningful Relationships for Funders
On Demand, Self Paced
Fee: $45


Contact nancy.wolanski@uwri.org to sign up for GCRI Connect, GCRI’s nonprofit newsletter, to learn about upcoming  events and resources.

GCRI nonprofit sessions are designed for nonprofit staff and Board members.  If you are a nonprofit consultant or an individual unaffiliated with a nonprofit, please contact Nancy.wolanski@uwri.org to see if there is additional space available, as we prioritize the attendance of nonprofit staff and Boards at these sessions.

Information about external events and organizations is included as a courtesy and is not designed as an endorsement of any organization or program.