April 11, 2023 - 1:00 pm

Sponsored by Philanthropy Massachusetts
(Includes one GCRI member — Rayana Grace, Island Foundation)
Over the past few years,  the philanthropic sector continues to explore what it means to center race, equity, diversity and inclusion within its practices, and the communities it serves. This is true for funders funding nationally as well as those in Massachusetts. For the first time, we are convening a number of funders who participate in a variety of the Philanthropy Massachusetts networks to share how networks are centering REDI and making changes in the ways they operate, both internally and with regard to their external-facing work.
Each network has demonstrated a commitment to thinking, growing and learning. In this program, we will hear distinct stories of what centering REDI means for the networks and how it shows up for them. We also expect to hear from network participants about the concrete steps their foundations have taken on to implement and imbed REDI principles and practices into facets of their organizational work.
Spanning focus areas, regions of the state, and roles within the organization, you’ll hear from members of:
We hope you’ll see yourselves in their stories and walk away from this conversation re-energized and re-committed to equity and inclusion work through action.
Register — requires free Philanthropy Massachusetts account, or email nancy.wolanski@uwri.org to register you.