Grantmakers Council of Rhode Island (GCRI) was founded in 2003, as a network to support staff in grantmaking organizations to maximize the effectiveness of their philanthropic work.  GCRI continues to offer capacity building, professional development and networking opportunities for staff in grantmaking roles, but has expanded to provide:

  • connection to national philanthropic resources;
  • opportunities for collaboration and cross-sector partnerships;
  • support for employee engagement and corporate social responsibility initiatives;
  • increased visibility and a gathering place for the philanthropic sector; and
  • outreach to engage other organizations in the work of community investment.

logoIn 2015, GCRI entered into a partnership with United Way of Rhode Island, vastly expanding GCRI’s capacity to support the philanthropic sector in the state, as well as providing additional resources and connections to nonprofits engaged in the work of community building throughout Rhode Island.  GCRI remains a separate 501(c)3, but our offices are in the United Way building on Valley Street in Providence.

GCRI’s Vision and Activities

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