Field and Partner Events and Conferences

Events and Programs

Advancing Economic Justice for People with Disabilities
May 25, 1:00pm
Asset Funders Network

Building Blocks for Change Monthly Information Session (Race Equity Assessment)
June 1, noon
Building Movement Project

Investing in a More Inclusive Economy
June 1, 1:00pm
Philanthropy Massachusetts

Narrative Change: Inspiring a Vision and Protecting the Freedoms to Move and Stay
June 6, 2:00pm
Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees/Grantmakers in the Arts

US Welcome Corps
June 6, 4:00pm
Network of Engaged International Donors

Funders Who Fundraise
June 8, 1:00pm
Philanthropy Massachusetts

Communicating an Organization-Wide Commitment to Disability Inclusion
June 8, 1:00pm
Disability and Philanthropy Forum

Demographic Trends and Power-Building: The Role of Demographic Data in Building a Multiracial Democracy
June 14, noon
Funders Committee for Civic Participation

Inclusive Transportation: Celebrating the Diverse Tapestry of America’s Biking Culture
June 20, 1:00pm
Island Press

More than a Cycle Lane: How Investment in Better Walking and Cycling Networks Improves Accessibility  for People with Disabilities
June 1, 3:00pm
Island Press

Grantmaker Risk Management
June 6, 2:00pm
Johnson Center for Philanthropy
Fee: $109

The Path to Worker Health, Safety, and Power Three Years On: Pandemic Aftershocks and Organizing Opportunities
June 21, 2:00pm
Funders for a Just Economy

Philanthropy 101 Alumni Celebration
June 22, 4:00pm
GCRI/Philanthropy Massachusetts

Reproductive Health is Foundational to Thriving: A Discussion with Youth Leaders and Advocates
June 28, 2:00pm
Grantmakers for Thriving Youth

How Has Philanthropy Changed in 30 Years?
July 12, noon
Johnson Center for Philanthropy

Disability, Policing and Mass Incarceration
September 14, 1:00pm
Disability & Philanthropy Forum

Disability and Housing
October 5, 1:00pm
Disability & Philanthropy Forum

2023 Conferences

2023 Media Impact Forum
June 1
San Francisco

Hispanics in Philanthropy Annual Leadership Conference
June 5-7
San Francisco

Annual Conference on Health Philanthropy
June 7-9

2023 Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders
June 12-14
Washington, DC

Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy
June 13-14
Angel Island, CA

Leading Locally 2023: The Power of Place-Based and Community Philanthropy
June 13-14
Council on Foundations

Inclusive Economies 2023 — The Funders Network
June 28-29

2023 BUILD Conference — Strengthening Systems, Improving Quality, Advancing Equity
July 11-13
Anaheim, CA

The Philanthropic Initiative and NEID Global Innovations in International Philanthropy Symposium
September 7-8
Cambridge, MA

ACCP Conference
October 16-18

CHANGE Philanthropy’s Unity Summit
October 16-19
Los Angeles and Virtual

Center for Effective Philanthropy 2023 Conference
October 30-November 1

PowerUP! Philanos National Conference
November 5-7