August 23, 2017 - 1:00 pm

Leveraging Grants Management for Effective Grantmaking

Sponsored by Philanthropy Ohio as part of the 2017 Midwest Corporate Giving Series

How do you put into place the tools and processes needed to get clear about and increasingly get stronger impact from your grantmaking program? Join this webinar to gain clarity about what your organization should be tracking and how to use the information you gather with Libby Villavicencio, Executive Director of Outcomes Investing for The Rensselaerville Institute.

In addition to sharing insights on how to move from a mindset of “funding” to “investing,” Libby will share examples of a grant applications strategic framework, grant guidelines, application scoring based on Risk and Return, grantee interim and final reports, investment reports, and scorecards to help you put your knowledge into action with your giving program.

Fee:  $50