Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees

With leadership from Forum member Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees, more than 140 philanthropic organizations have signed on to a statement in support of immigrants and refugees, including both foundations and philanthropic support organizations.  Read the statement.

Center for Disaster Philanthropy Resources

10 Ways to Improve Our Response to Humanitarian Crises Report

Transit, Tents, Homes:  Approaches to Three Phases of the Refugee Crisis:  In-depth report examines the life of a refugee in three phases, includes detailed situation analyses along with several funding opportunities from the following three perspectives:  Transit: Whether it is throughout Europe, across the Mediterranean, or on difficult border roads elsewhere, refugees must endure the natural elements and man-made risks; Tents: Refugees living in camps often end up there for many years, posing challenges for both the refugees and host countries; and Homes: Though fortunate, refugees who are resettled into the United States have a wide range of social, cultural, and economic challenges to overcome.

Public Education Institute at the The Immigrant Learning Center

Take Back the Immigration Narrative webinar by the FrameWorks Institute.

Winning Strategies in Use discussion (panel discussion)

Changing Face of America, Latest Immigration Data by The ILC Public Education Institute. Slides attached.

 Opportunity Agenda

 Welcoming America

 Institute for Immigration Research at George Mason University

 The Immigrant Learning Center Public Education Institute

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Immigration Research and Information is available for your research needs. You can also browse their resources on education and immigrant integration.