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The Future of Strategic Volunteer Engagement
October 25, 11:00am-noon

In an era marked by growing demands for nonprofit and NGO programs and services, numerous organizations find themselves facing difficulties in recruiting and engaging the volunteers they require. Simultaneously, funders recognize the immense potential of volunteer engagement but harbor numerous questions regarding the feasibility and implementation of such potential through their grant partners. In this session, we will:

  • Investigate the crucial insights derived from the national research which emphasize the necessity of bridging the gap between funders and nonprofit leaders in order to effectively support strategic volunteer engagement, and
  • Offer practical steps that nonprofit leaders can adopt to enhance both the support for and impact of volunteers.

Presenters: Dr. Sue Carter Kahl, Ph.D., Mark Kravatz, and moderated by Jeff Glebocki and/or Betsy McFarland, Co-Directors of the Initiative for Strategic Volunteer Engagement.

Dr. Sue Carter Kahl is an independent scholar, President of Sue Carter Kahl Consulting, and author of the recently released qualitative study “Investing in Strategic Volunteer Engagement.” She has dedicated her professional life to working and volunteering within the nonprofit sector, and helps organizations collect and make meaning from their data to enhance organizational decisions. Sue is a nationally-recognized expert on volunteer engagement and an active volunteer, herself. She has a PhD in Leadership from the University of San Diego, and a Master’s in Social Work Administration and a Certificate in Nonprofit Management.


Previous Session Recordings

Creating Access in Nonprofits: Disability Rights under ADA and 504

Learn what federal civil rights laws require of nonprofits, and how to get started making your organization more accessible.  Sponsored by GCRI, RI State Council on the Arts, and Arts Equity

Listen to recording


Take Advantage of impala, Rhode Island’s New Free Fundraising Tool

Building a Great impala Profile —  Recording (passcode: RIProfiles@62023)

Using impala’s Ecosystems Tools to Work for Your Organization — Recording (passcode: impala@RI2023)

Email support@impala.digital to get an email invitation to the platform.  Make sure to say that you are a RI nonprofit so you get free premium access.  Your Board and any other staff and volunteers can also create accounts.

Missed the impala Launch?  Here’s What You Need to Know

We’re excited for our nonprofit and philanthropic communities to have free access to impala’s premium features to enhance their work and take part in this new digital age of philanthropy.

First, if you missed the launch, you can watch a recording of the presentation (Passcode: impala@RI2023), which you are welcome to share with colleagues and others who might be interested in learning more.

Then you can email impala at support@impala.digital to get started.  It takes only a couple minutes to set up your account and start using the platform. Please take advantage of this opportunity!

If you have any questions about setup and using impala before that, please reach out to the impala team (support@impala.digital). Additional ways to get support as you’re exploring the platform include:

  • Check out the help desk
  • When in the platform click on the little (?) symbol in the bottom right of the screen for short help videos about the section you’re currently on.
  • You can also find tips on getting started here or join one of impala’s monthly lunch + learn sessions.


External Events and Professional Development Opportunities

Webinars and Workshops

Introduction to Grants Research
September 21, 10:00am
Philanthropy Massachusetts
Fee: $35

Introduction to Fundraising Planning
September 22, 2:00pm

Introduction to Measuring Your Impact
September 27, 2:00pm

Meaningful and Manageable Outcome Measurement
September 28, 10:00am
Support Center for Nonprofit Management
Fee: $50

Facilitating Collaborative Meetings
September 28, 1:00pm
Collective Impact Forum
Scholarship discounts available

Introduction to Grant Writing
October 3, 9:30am
Philanthropy Massachusetts
Fee: $40

Remote Team Management: Getting the Right Mindset, Skillset, and Toolset to Make It Work
October 3, 10:00am
Support Center for Nonprofit Management
Fee: $50

Building a Culture of Trust in Collective Impact
October 6, 1:00pm
Collective Impact Forum
Scholarship discounts available

Asking Without Anxiety
October 11, 9:00am
Philanthropy Massachusetts
Fee: $75

Coaching Nonprofit Leaders — More Leading and Less Managing to Decrease Stress and Build Stronger Teams
October 11, 10:00am
Support Center for Nonprofit Management
Fee: $50

Introduction to Proposal Writing
October 11, 2:00pm

Navigating the Dangers to Collective Impact
October 13, 1:00pm
Collective Impact Forum
Scholarship discounts available

A Foundation Relations and Grant Stewardship Tune Up
October 17, 10:00am
Philanthropy Massachusetts
Fee: $45

Idealism in Action Conference
October 19
Massachusetts Nonprofit Network

Grappling with Power: Dismantling and Rebuilding the Shared Principles That Sustain Our Work
October 24-26, Indianoplis
Alliance for Nonprofit Management

How to Become a Successful Development Professional
October 25, 10:00am
Philanthropy Massachusetts
Fee: $30

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint: Building and Maintaining Major Donor Relationships
November 9, 10:00am
Philanthropy Massachusetts
Fee: $55

Connecticut Nonprofit Alliance Annual Nonprofit Conference
December 6

Introduction to Grants Research
December 12, 10:00am
Philanthropy Massachusetts
Fee: $35

On-demand Opportunities

WordPress Free Web Development Courses:
Getting Started: Website Building 101
Quick Start: Making Money
Quick Start: Blogging
Empezando: Construccion de sitios
Quick Start: WooCommerce 101

Self-paced Candid Courses

Introduction to Finding Grants

Is Starting a Nonprofit Right for You?

Tell Your Story: Reach Donors Using Your Free Candid Profile

Digital Storytelling: How to Engage and Activate Your Supporters Online

8 Steps for Cultivating Relationships with Individual Donors

Practical Strategies for Finding New Donors

Free Candid books related to fundraising:

Free Candid books on telling your nonprofit’s story

How to know if a funder is right for your nonprofit with Foundation Directory (which is available at Providence Public Library)

Nonprofit Net of Greater Boston On Demand Video Library
How to Tell Your Story
Healthy and Holistic Nonprofit Fundraising
Major Gift Fundraising for Smaller Nonprofits
Driving Change in Your Organization–Whether You Have the Authority or Not
Is Your Branding Up to Date?

Nonprofit Learning Lab Resources

Contact nancy.wolanski@uwri.org to sign up for GCRI Connect, GCRI’s nonprofit newsletter, to learn about upcoming  events and resources.

GCRI nonprofit sessions are designed for nonprofit staff and Board members.  If you are a nonprofit consultant or an individual unaffiliated with a nonprofit, please contact Nancy.wolanski@uwri.org to see if there is additional space available, as we prioritize the attendance of nonprofit staff and Boards at these sessions.

Information about external events and organizations is included as a courtesy and is not designed as an endorsement of any organization or program.