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Co-creating a New, Better Nonprofit-Funder Ecosystem

Many leaders are talking about getting to a “new normal” in our pandemic-altered reality.  But we all know that the pre-COVID “normal” was not necessarily a standard we want to return to.  The pandemic has highlighted many of the inequities and challenges that fall disproportionately on communities of color and lower-income families.  The pre-COVID “normal” nonprofit-funder ecosystem included structural inequities and ineffective and inefficient funding structures.

We have an opportunity to work collaboratively in the midst of this crisis to not only triage urgent needs, but also to make lasting improvements and develop meaningful innovations within that ecosystem, to build a “new better” that truly does support the growth of stronger, more equitable communities.

GCRI is starting a “New Better” Initiative to surface those opportunities for re-envisioning and improving the charitable sector in Rhode island.  We will be having nonprofit discussions, as well as parallel funder discussions, leading us to shared convenings and discussions to help develop some shared goals and values towards a New Better.

The initial nonprofit discussions will be held at the following times.  They will be identical, so you only need to sign up for one.  If you are unable to attend one of the sessions, there will also be opportunities for written input to help inform the work moving forward.

Friday, December 4, 9:00-11:00am — Register
Monday, December 7, 2:30pm-4:30pm — Register

Contact nancy.wolanski@uwri.org to sign up for GCRI Connect, GCRI’s nonprofit newsletter, to learn about upcoming  events and resources.

GCRI nonprofit sessions are designed for nonprofit staff and Board members.  If you are a nonprofit consultant or an individual unaffiliated with a nonprofit, please contact Nancy.wolanski@uwri.org to see if there is additional space available, as we prioritize the attendance of nonprofit staff and Boards at these sessions.