Non-GCRI Events of Interest

Partner Programs and Field Events
September 14, 3:00pm
National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy
September 14, 4:00pm
Philanthropy Northwest
Building Equitable Resilience Through Trust-Based Philanthropy
September 15, noon
Exponent Philanthropy and Foundant Technologies
September 17, 1:00pm
Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees
September 21, 2:00pm
Philanthropy Massachusetts
September 22, 2:00pm
Early Childhood Funders Collaborative, Economic Opportunities Funders
September 23, 10:30am
Women’s Funding Network
September 23, 12:30pm
Asset Funders Network
September 23, 3:00pm
Fair Representation in Redistricting Funder Collaborative
September 23, 3:00pm
Early Childhood Funders Collaborative
September 28, 2:00pm
September 29, 2:00pm

Exponent Philanthropy

Mapping Indigenous Migrant Communities in the United States
September 30, 10:00am
Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees

October 6, 2:00pm
Asset Funders Network
October 20, 1:00pm
Economic Opportunity Funders
October 25-28
November 4
November 9-10
Policy Link, San Francisco Foundation, Living Cities
Grantmakers in Health Fall Forum
November 17-18
Washington DC