Grantmakers Council of Rhode Island (GCRI) is working with United Way of Rhode Island to recruit and deploy skilled volunteers to assist nonprofits statewide.  We have had initial nonprofit and corporate trainings to pilot our Project-Based Skilled Volunteerism Initiative — thanks to those of you who have already participated and submitted project ideas!  For those of you who would like to participate in the Project-Based program, we will be having another orientation in the fall, and would love to have you join us.

At the same time, we would like to know about skilled volunteer opportunities within your organizations, for assistance with programs, events, and committees.  We will be publicizing these one-time and ongoing volunteer needs within GCRI member companies, and we are excited about the potential to link the expertise of these large companies with ongoing needs in the community.

We have created a simple application for you to request skilled volunteers for organizational committees (ie, Finance, Marketing, Development, Governance, etc.).  If you have openings on any of your committees, and would like to request skilled volunteers, please use this Committee Volunteer Request Form, and fill out a separate form for each committee.

If you have needs for skilled volunteers to assist with programs or events (one-time or ongoing), please use this Skilled Volunteer Request Form.  This could be a request for a human resources professional to help with mock interviews or resume advice, or a software developer to help with a coding event, or a finance person to help teach financial literacy.  These requests are for volunteers to help with existing programs and events.  If you would like assistance to develop a new program or make changes or improvements to an initiative, those requests can be part of the next Project-Based Skilled Volunteerism session, which will have an orientation in the fall.  To be put on the list for the fall orientation, please email