In collaboration with United Way of RI, GCRI has piloted a Flash Consulting Corps (FCC), comprised of volunteers from GCRI organizations and affiliated consultants with expertise in a variety of areas related to fund development, communications, marketing, strategic planning, financial management, budgeting, management, leadership and governance.  

Flash Consulting Corps

Often nonprofit organizations need a brief consult with a content expert in order to move forward with planning, strategy or even engaging additional professional expertise.  We have piloted a Flash Consulting Corps (FCC), comprised of volunteers from GCRI organizations with expertise in a variety of areas.  These FCC volunteers have offered to meet with nonprofit staff either in-person or by phone/Zoom for one hour to provide perspective and insight on a challenge facing the nonprofit in the volunteer’s area of expertise.

If you are staff at a GCRI member organization, and are interested in volunteering as an FCC volunteer content expert, please fill out the Flash Consulting Corps Volunteer Application.

If you are a nonprofit organization that would like to request a Flash Consult, please fill out a Flash Consulting Nonprofit Request.

GCRI Resources for Nonprofits

Grantmakers Council of Rhode Island (GCRI) member organizations are committed to supporting Rhode Island nonprofit organizations, not only through grantmaking but also through volunteerism.  This includes group “team building” volunteer projects, Board service, and volunteerism utilizing specific professional expertise (Skills-Based Volunteerism or pro bono work).  GCRI has piloted a Skills-Based Volunteerism Initiative in partnership with United Way of Rhode Island in order to recruit and deploy skilled volunteers to assist nonprofits statewide.

Skills-Based Volunteer Needs

We would also like to know about skilled volunteer opportunities within your organizations, for assistance with programs, events, projects and committees.  We publicize these one-time and ongoing volunteer needs to GCRI member companies, and while we cannot guarantee a volunteer to address your needs, we are excited about the potential to link the expertise of these large companies with ongoing needs in the community.

We have created a simple application for you to request skilled volunteers for organizational committees (ie, Finance, Marketing, Development, Governance, etc.).  If you have openings on any of your committees, and would like to request skilled volunteers, please use this Committee Volunteer Request Form, and fill out a separate form for each committee.

If you have needs for skilled volunteers to assist with programs or events (one-time or ongoing), please contact Janice Pothier Pac at, who oversees the United Way Volunteer Center.  She can help with questions about a potential project or about utilizing skills-based volunteers effectively.