Resource Links

Starting a Foundation

Foundation Start up Checklist (by Philanthropy Northwest)

Philanthropy How To’s

Disaster Philanthropy Playbook


Learn Philanthropy

Philanthropy Serving Organizations

Africa Grantmakers’ Affinity Group*

Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy*

Asset Funders Network

Association of Black Foundation Executives (ABFE)*

Association of Corporate Contributions Professionals

Collective Impact Forum

Center for Disaster Philanthropy

Center for Effective Philanthropy*

CFLeads (Community Foundations Leading Change)*

Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy

Environmental Grantmakers Association*

Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy*

Exponent Philanthropy (small foundations and individual donors)*

Fund the People* (nonprofit infrastructure and capacity)

Funders Concerned About AIDS*

Funders for LGBTQ Issues*

Funders Together to End Homelessness*

Funders Committee for Civic Participation*

Grantmakers Concerned for Immigrants and Refugees*

Grantmakers for Education

Grantmakers for Effective Organizations*

Grantmakers in the Arts

Grantmakers in Aging*

Grantmakers Income Security Taskforce*

Grantmakers in Health

Grassroots Grantmakers

Health and Environmental Funders Network*

Hispanics in Philanthropy*

International Funders for Indigenous Peoples*

Media Impact Funders*

Mission Investors Exchange*

National Center for Family Philanthropy

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy*

National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers*

Neighborhood Funders Group*

Peak Grantmaking (formerly Grants Managers Network)*

Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity*

Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement*

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders*

Technology Affinity Group*

Urban Institute Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy

Corporate Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility

Association of Corporate Contribution Professionals

Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy

* Fellow members of United Philanthropy Forum