January 20, 2022 - 1:00 pm

Over the past two years, many corporations issued statements of support and pledged billions of dollars for Black communities in response to the killing of George Floyd and Covid-19’s impact on Black communities. These efforts aim to address the historical and ongoing racial injustices facing people of African descent in America. What are the investments and initiatives being funded by corporate philanthropies in response to these issues? How will these philanthropies continue to be responsive to current needs, while fulfilling their pledges to address historic under-funding of Black leaders and nonprofits? This is a special convening of corporate philanthropy, to better understand how these partners can move from reaction to action.

Join us for an important conversation with corporate philanthropy, where you will hear from leaders, including:

Dalila Wilson-Scott, Comcast NBC Universal Foundation

Marvin Carr, Center for Racial Equity, Walmart.org

Towalame Austin, Sony Music Group

Shanell McGoy, Gilead Sciences