August 2, 2023 - 3:00 pm

What Does Trust-Based Philanthropy Have to Do with Racial Equity?

This is the sixth session of a 6-part webinar series on Demystifying Trust-Based Philanthropy. For more information about this series, click here.

There are various misunderstandings when it comes to trust-based philanthropy’s interconnection with racial equity. Some critics claim that trust-based philanthropy perpetuates bias because it favors those who already have an “in” with funders. Other interpretations swing in the opposite direction, assuming that embracing trust-based practices is sufficient for advancing racial equity.

At its core, trust-based philanthropy begins with understanding power — and acknowledging how race and ethnicity shape our lived experiences and our relationship to power, and therefore perceptions of who is deemed trustworthy and who is not. Therefore, trust-based philanthropy requires a racial equity lens – and can be an effective way to advance racial equity goals – but it is not necessarily a means to advancing racial equity in and of itself. This session will explore the connection and distinction between the two, and why both should be prioritized for trust-based funders. Participants will gain a deeper knowledge on why and how to explicitly prioritize racial equity in your trust-based practices and values.