October 24, 2023 - 11:00 am

Maximizing Your Investment through Strategic Volunteerism

 Leveraging insights from the newly released guide for funders and nonprofit leaders, “Activating the Power of Strategic Volunteer Engagement for a Better World” and featuring a panel of researchers, funders, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) professionals, we’ll discuss:

  • the groundbreaking national research that informed new insights on the impact of funding strategic volunteer engagement to help organizations achieve their goals
  • practical steps outlining how funders can support their grantees in harnessing the power of volunteers to deliver more programs and better serve the community
  • examples of ROI for funders currently providing the resources and strategy to build the infrastructure for strategic volunteer engagement

Presenters:  Join Jerome Tennille (Director of Social Impact & ESG at The Uplift Agency); Tracey Bilski (Chair, Time for Good, UJA-Federation of New York); and Dr. Sue Carter Kahl, Ph.D., for a conversation on how funders can leverage their funding to support strategic volunteer engagement for nonprofits. The conversation will be moderated by Jeff Glebocki and Betsy McFarland, Co-Directors of the Initiative for Strategic Volunteer Engagement.

  • Dr. Sue Carter Kahl is an independent scholar, President of Sue Carter Kahl Consulting, and author of the recently released qualitative study “Investing in Strategic Volunteer Engagement. She has dedicated her professional life to working and volunteering within the nonprofit sector, and helps organizations collect and make meaning from their data to enhance organizational decisions. Sue is a nationally-recognized expert on volunteer engagement and an active volunteer, herself. She has a PhD in Leadership from the University of San Diego, and a Master’s in Social Work Administration and a Certificate in Nonprofit Management.
  • Tracey Bilski is a philanthropic entrepreneur with more than 30 years of leadership experience. She has volunteered with UJA-Federation of NY since 1990, where she currently serves as Vice-Chair of Women’s Philanthropy and Chair, Time for Good which focuses on capacity building through grants for strategic volunteerism to partner agencies delivering social services. As a Harvard MBA and graduate of the Wexner Heritage Program, Tracey has developed a reputation for bringing innovation and metrics to non-profit organizations.
  • Jerome Tenille is the Director of Social Impact & ESG at The Uplift Agency, and is the former Manager, Social Impact and Volunteerism at Marriott International. In his work at The Uplift Agency, Jerome is responsible for leading the social impact work for Uplift’s corporate clients. He helps companies navigate through the social good space by expertly creating CSR programs, volunteer engagement opportunities, and sustainability and philanthropic giving initiatives. Jerome is the co-author of the book Transforming Disruption to Impact: Rethinking Volunteer Engagement for a Rapidly Changing World, he is involved with the National Alliance for Volunteer Engagement, and is also a veteran of the United States Navy.

To register, contact nancy.wolanski@uwri.org.