Rhode Island Foundation Launches Giving Circles Initiative

Rhode Island Foundation has created a new Giving Circle Initiative, offering up to $5,000 in matching donations to encourage Rhode Islanders to come together to support their favorite causes.

Giving circles are groups of people who pool their donations and decide together how to distribute them. They typically have a shared interest or connection, but it is not required. The groups select their own members, goals, and giving levels. Giving circles may choose to focus on a specific cause, geographic location, or community, but cannot formed solely to benefit a specific nonprofit organization.

The Foundation’s initiative will award matching donations for up to six groups.  The initiative is meant to inspire philanthropy throughout the community and to provide an opportunity for groups of people that might not otherwise come together around a fundraising effort. Our goal is to build a culture of philanthropy in Rhode Island by increasing giving activity and engagement.  In addition to the matching grants, recipients will receive a communications and fundraising tool-kit, staff support and meeting space.  More information